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The Fury Way

What is the fury way? “The fury way” is the embodiment of our belief. The organization, Cen Cal Fury started out as an answer to the problems prevalent in the softball culture here in the San Joaquin Valley. To the founders of Cen Cal Fury, the, “daddy ball” culture created haves, and have not’s.  If you are coach, your daughter plays regardless of whether she is deserving or not. If you were a coach’s “favorite”, you played. Those who were not, “favorites” sat the bench.  Cen Cal Fury has always stood for fairness. Every player in Cen Cal Fury is treated equally irregardless of who their parent is. The believe in equality and fairness is a core belief for the organization.

The second core belief for the organization centers on equal opportunity. Traditionally, fast pitch softball is expensive. Many families here in the San Joaquin Valley do not have large volumes of money to spend on recreational activities. Ironically, financial wealth or lack thereof is not related to a players ability.  Cen Cal Fury has always invited players come out and learn the game. If the player shows a willingness, commitment, and drive to succeed playing the game of softball, the organization works hard to help players succeed. Every season, the organization works hard to provide tremendous opportunity and value. This is done through fundraising and keeping expenses low.  Cen Cal Fury is a 501©(3) public charity. This allows parents the opportunity to make payments as donations thereby receiving a tax deduction.

As a public charity, Cen Cal Fury participates charitable events in the community.  The organization donates time to Valley Children’s Hospital, and participates in other community events like the Susan G Komen race for the cure. Teaching players give back to the community is also a cornerstone of the organization.  “The Valley is our home, as members of the community we must participate in events that help the community”.  Teaching our players the value of community service is definitely a core value.

Cen Cal Fury softball started to try to play in, “showcase tournaments” in the summer of 2018. The team started with four players.  It took the rest of the fall season to establish a team. There were many players came out to workouts, but ultimately left as the organization struggled to get enough players to make a team. The spring of 2019 was the first time the organization had a team. Along the way there have been many struggles, but the organization has learned much.  We are now adding a 16u team to the organization.

The goal now is to help every athlete obtain a scholarship. However, each athlete must learn what it takes to be successful. Success is not solely related to play on the field. The work ethic, dedication, confidence, and mental toughness to fight through adversity is something our athletes must learn. Whether it is learning what it means to be a true, “team” or being a successful student, our athletes must succeed in all areas. For many it means maturing, finding out that they can be successful on their own, and understanding that they alone will determine the course of their life. The ability to learn these lessons while playing softball is a great way to set up a great life.

All parents want their children to be successful. However, failures are common. In fact, most fail at some point.  To college coaches, it’s not if you fail, it’s how you come back from that failure.  Are you willing to get up, get back in the fight, and succeed?   Sports have a way of, “evening the playing field”. In college, one can’t simply be a great athlete.  Success in the classroom is every bit as important as success on the field. College coaches can’t afford to have athletes with scholarships fail.   Cen Cal Fury softball teaches young ladies how to be successful in the classroom as well as on the field.  This allows Cen Cal Fury athletes to be successful at the collegiate level.

The San Joaquin Valley is our home. Here, family values are at the root and core of most families. Hard work, honesty, and decency are at the core of who we are.  Cen Cal Fury has always believed that the order of importance is as follows. Family first, school second, and softball third.  So the values and core principles mentioned above relate perfectly to the values of hard-working folks here in the San Joaquin Valley. Indeed, this valley was built on the hard work of immigrants who settled here and built their life from the sagebrush desert. Farming is how this valley was built. Many families here can trace their roots directly to their ancestors as people who settled this valley.  Cen Cal Fury softball is proud of the heritage of those hard-working people. The organization honors that heritage by continuing to work hard, support each other, and teach family values. Therefore, we ask new families to join our family.

Cen Cal Fury softball is proud to honor our athletes who have received scholarships by adding plaques to our wall of honor.  We celebrate these athletes, as their success is a positive reflection of the organization.  It is a source of pride we have in our former players.  Some want to come back and help coach the youngsters.  Some want to play with our 18u team when possible.  Making this a tradition is important going forward. Hence, we are establishing the, “fury way”.

CenCal Fury Mission Statement

The mission of Cen Cal Fury Softball organization is to provide female fast pitch softball players the opportunity to grow and become great players as well as exceptional people.


First and foremost, we are a softball family. We put family first, education second, and softball third. We believe that the core of any person is their family. We encourage and fully support the best, “family values”.  Education, is the way to one’s future. It is important for players to be great. All members will be encouraged to have a 3.0 GPA, but are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA to participate on the field with us.


All teams within the organization expected to play hard, win with class, lose with dignity, and above all respect themselves and the game. Teambuilding through competition and participation in team activities are an integral part of our values.


Our coaches are some of the best leaders and teachers in the area. Leading our teams is our showcase group.  For the members of our organization, the highest achievement is to play showcase softball. To play on this team, a member must be a good softball player, hard worker, great student, and a goal oriented individual. Our players learn how to be great softball players, but more importantly, exceptional people.  Our exceptional recruiting program helps our members obtain college scholarships to a school that is a, “great fit” for them. It is not enough to simply obtain a college scholarship. It is extremely important for members to, go to school that has the major they wish to study, provides a great opportunity to continue to play softball, and provides the environment in which our member will be happy and continue to grow.


Because of our great sponsor support we have a new heated and cooled indoor training facility for our teams. This allows us to train our members and provide the opportunity for one-on-one training with our coaches. The facility has batting cages, a pitching cage, workout area, and a team store for our families. There’s also a large training area outside for our teams.


Community service is also very important for our organization it is important for our members to learn how to, “give back”, and be a part of the great community in which we live. We donate books, and time to Valley Children’s Hospital yearly. We also participate in the, Susan G Coleman breast cancer awareness, “race for the cure” fundraiser.


We encourage families interested in learning more about Cen Cal Fury Softball to contact us or stop by. Our family is growing and we encourage anyone to come be a part of our growth.

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CenCal Fury Softball

Phone: 559.412.7178

CenCal Fury Important Documents

Below you will find all the important documents required to be read and filled out in order to belong to the Fury Organization. Please feel free to print out and sign (the documents that have the signature block) and bring back to the facility. 

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